Top 4 Signs You Need Professional Roof Inspection After A Storm

July 7, 2022


The roof is an integral part of every residential and commercial building, as it’s a protective layer that protects residential and commercial buildings from the outside calamities such as rain, storm, dust and debris.

A building without a roof is like a burger without a bun, so roofs are a vital part of your home and commercial buildings.

Since the roof deals with harsh weather conditions throughout the year, they are the most vulnerable part of the building. So after a storm or other weather calamities, your building roof is most likely to get damaged.

Roofs that are installed by professional roofing companies are made up of strong materials so they don’t get damaged very easily after a storm.

However, roofs that are made up of low-quality materials do get damaged very easily. Hence, after a storm, make sure to get your roof inspected by a professional roofing company.

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Professional roofing contractors will inspect your roof thoroughly and will repair the parts of your roof that endured damage after a storm.

In this blog post, we will outline the top 4 signs you need professional roof inspection after a storm. So if you notice any of these signs, contact a certified roofing contractor to inspect your roof.

Scratches & Dents Around The Roof

If you see scratches and dents all over your roof after a heavy storm, it is an indication that your roof needs professional roof inspection.

Just a visual examination of your roof from the ground is enough to see all the damage around the protruding roof features. While examining your roof, pay close attention to the bottom edges of your roof’s chimneys and the surrounding shingles.

Also, while examining your roof after a storm, look at the flashings that seal the roof’s joints and any fasteners like screws and nails as they might be loose.

Dents and scratches around your roof’s main features are a big sign that you need to hire a professional roofing contractor immediately.

Visible Shingle Damage

If you have a conventional shingle roof, then it is easy to spot roof damages. Just look for shingles that are cracked, curled or missing.

Cracked shingles mean that your shingles are structurally weak and will be gone the next time it rains. Also, it takes only one missing shingle to start a leak.

Hence, if you see any visible shingle damage, call a certified roofing company and get your roof fixed as soon as possible because delaying it will only make it worse.

Visible Signs Of Moisture In The Attic

Even if your roof after a storm appears to be intact, make sure to check its condition in the attic of your house.

Sometimes after a storm, some damages expose the attic of your house to the outside air and raises the level of moisture in your house.

So if you see moisture in your attic, it is a sign that your roof is leaking and water is reaching your attic. Hence, to fix this issue, you will need to hire professional roofing contractors.

Water Stains On The Walls & Ceilings

After a storm, make sure to closely examine the walls, ceilings and top corners of the walls in the rooms on your house’s upper stories. Because many times after a storm, the roof may start to leak, and the water seeps into the walls of your upper stories rooms.

So if you see water stains on the walls and ceilings of your home, call a professional roofing contractor because by the time water staining takes place majority of the leaks have already become structurally serious. Hence, it’s best to get them fixed immediately because they might cause serious damage to your home if not dealt with on time.

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